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PHP, SEO, And Spiders – Oh My!

Dynamic database-driven sites have become very popular, and relatively easy to set up and administer, through the use of Content Management Systems (CMS) and PHP server-side scripting. It's also possible to create a fancy-looking site with little actual c

Deliver Your Web Site From Evil

1. Backup your website on the server. If you have more than one important web site, put them on different web hosts. Don't rely on your web host for backups. Find two different hosts which allow SSH access. Get an account with each. FTP the backup of one

All About The DNS Domain Name System

We all know that in the world of domain names today, the presence of the DNS domain name system is very much significant. It is interesting to know that the acronym DNS actually stands for Domain Name System/Service/Server. However, I will be using the te

Load Balancing And Yahoo!

A high-volume site like Yahoo! knows that the actual quality of service any web server provides to end users basically depends on network-transfer speed and server response time. Network-transfer speed refers to the Internet-link bandwidth while server-re

How to Create a Podcast

With these steps, it is easy for anyone to create a podcast with a small expenditure of time and effort. The site is easy to set up; domains and hosting are now cheap enough almost anyone to have a small site, and the programs necessary are all easy to fi

Using XSAS to develop multiple XOOPS sites locally

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for how to develop multiple XOOPS websites locally using XSAS (XOOPS Stand Alone Server). I use this information pretty much on a daily basis, and I hope you find it helpful, too. As always, I welcome any f

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